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The best home cooked meal you’ll find outside of your house!
Please visit us in person for a more delicious experience.

100% Grass-fed Meat + Dairy • Paleo • Vegetarian • Gluten-free

2016 Mount Vernon Ave, Alexandria VA 22301
(in the heart of Del Ray at Windsor Ave)

8am-9pm daily



Bon Vivant Cafe + Farm Market is the realization of many years of hard work, including building networks with small local farms, to finally make it possible to open a cafe serving Real Local Farm Food.

The integrity of farming practices is undoubtedly linked to our well-being. In this supermarket culture where we have little or no knowledge of where our food is coming from or how it was farmed, Bon Vivant is taking a stand to help local farms that have invested in natural sustainable, free-range farming reach local families that want Real food.

We have been in the local farm business for many years selling 100% grass-fed meats and other local products at farmers markets around the DC Metro area. Through this experience, we have come to appreciate the true health benefits of eating Real Food, and the serious lack of Real Food in restaurants.

We take pride in the food that we offer and the quality of ingredients that we use. Everything on the menu is cooked at the café to ensure our Real Food standards. We want to give you the closest thing you can get to a home cooked meal, without us coming to your home!

This is the quality of food we prefer for our family, and we’re very happy to be able to provide it to your family, too.

Jawad Laouaouda + Tania Leach


  • We use ONLY 100% grass-fed meats + dairy from local farms
  • Our eggs are 100% pasture-raised
  • No added hormones
  • No added antibiotics
  • Grown without pesticides
  • Seasonal produce from local farms
  • No soy
  • Many gluten-free, Paleo and vegetarian and vegan options


We support many local farms and businesses with our Farm Market. Providing milk, eggs, butter, jams, granola, honey and other products from local farms, as well as soaps and other products from Alexandria businesses.


Bon Vivant’s renown dedication to Real food and clean ingredients is now available to keep on-hand in your home freezer.

Delicious frozen meals that are ready in minutes are inspired by your favorite Bon Vivant recipes. We do not add any preservatives or additives, just real flavor from real food.

Why Our Foods Are Different

Expertly sourced + Handcrafted by Bon Vivant:  We have spent years building relationships with local farms to source the best quality foods for the cafe. The same excellent foods are used in our frozen meals. 100% grass-fed meats + dairy from local farms and all cooked in-house from start to finish.

No preservatives: It’s frozen, there’s no need!

No additives: We do not use any pre-made food additives, sauces or pastes. Because nothing beats real flavor from real food

Browse our Heat + Serve Products:

100% grass-fed + free-range
Available in-store and via UberEats delivery

100% grass-fed beef bone broth

72-hour beef bone broth $5.50

Chicken and Rice Soup

Chicken and Rice Soup $6.95
100% free-range chicken, wild rice, homemade chicken stock, carrots, celery. GF, DF

Mushroom Soup

Mushroom Soup $5.75
Mushrooms, vegetable puree, herbs and spices GF, DF, V

Broccoli Soup

Broccoli Soup $5.75
Broccoli, a puree of vegetables, coconut milk, almond milk, herbs + spices.  GF, DF, V


Meatballs $8.50
100% grass-fed ground beef, almond flour, almond milk, herbs and spices  GF, DF

Meatball Marinara

Meatballs Marinara $9.50
100% grass-fed ground beef, almond flour, almond milk, herbs and spices. Marinara sauce: tomato sauce, basil, onions, carrots, garlic, olive oil.  GF, DF


Lasagna $9.50
100% grass-fed ground beef, pasta, parmesan cheese. Marinara sauce: tomato sauce, basil, onions, carrots, garlic, olive oil. Béchamel sauce: butter, milk, flour, nutmeg, salt, pepper

GF: Gluten-free, DF: Dairy-free, V: Vegetarian
We are not a gluten-free kitchen



100% grass-fed and free-range meats • Locally sourced • Homemade
No added hormones, antibiotics, flavors or preservatives
See in-house for our full coffee, espresso + tea menu, including Bulletproof coffee + Golden Milk
P: paleo • K: keto • V: vegan • GF: gluten-free • DF: dairy-free

We offer delivery via UberEats + BiteSquad + Amazon PrimeNow

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(and their parent’s too!)

Our kid’s room is a great place for anyone with babies and young children. We have comfy couches to relax into while you eat, drink and just be very happy watching your kids run around in a kid friendly spot. 

There are usually other kids for yours to play with and we have lots of toys, a train table, loads of books, and baby tables for the kids to eat at.

Winter Sanity List

Looking for things to do with kids in the cold weather? Check out our Winter Sanity List of free (or almost free), indoor (but out of your house) winter activities for babies and toddlers. Click here to download 




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