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Burgundy Beef

Nov 15 2013

This is a delicious (and easier!) alternative to the often complicated beouf bourguignon. If you’re looking to spend a little less time…

Preserved Lemons

Nov 15 2013

If you have never tasted a Moroccan dish made with preserved lemons you are in for a delicious treat, and if you…

Chicken with Preserved Lemons

Nov 15 2013

This is my favorite Moroccan dish, and is very easy to make. The preserved lemons are so flavorful and it’s delicious with…

Moroccan Brochette

Nov 15 2013

Whether you have some cubed beef or a roast you want to be creative with, this recipe is super easy and super…

How to render leaf lard

Nov 12 2013

Whether you’re renown pastry chef (and yes, that includes you if your family and friends can’t get enough of your baking!) or…

Apple Tart Tatin

Nov 07 2013

Ingredients Pastry of your choice (I use puff pastry) 6 – 7 medium apples 2 tablespoons butter 6 tablespoons brown sugar (or…

Bourbon Honey Chicken Quarters

Nov 07 2013

Ingredients 4-6 free-range chicken quarters (we sell at the cafe or Old Town farmers market) Half cup of Bourbon 3/4 cup orange juice 1/4…

Merguez Spice Burger

Nov 07 2013

If you love our Merguez sausages as much as we do, you’ll enjoy this easy recipe for a delicious spicy burger. Made…

Mustard Glazed Roast Beef with Mushroom Sauce

Nov 07 2013

This is a very simple roast that will easily become a go-to recipe. Serve with your favorite sides. Find our 100% grass-fed…

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